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Civil Engineering (JE + AEn)

Course Description :

REGULAR BATCH : SSC-JE / AEn Batches for Electrical Engineering

Each Subject starts from the Basics and intial lectures are delivered to develop a good fundamentals. Our approach is to develop a good interest with subjects with practical example of relations and its applications in industrial/common life.

Every subject has its own role and many concepts are inter-linked, which is used into other subjects, so we try our best to give you systematic contents through our SSC-JE/AEn coaching Program.




Course Program

Program Information :

  • Subjective Coverage of Syllabus as per recent Examination pattern.
  • Practice Session of Numericals & Mock Papers.
  • Doubts Sessions for better clearity of subjects.


Course Fee Info
Online-Live Classes + Recorded

Fee : Rs.28,500

Regular Batch - 8 Months