GATE 2025 Online Test Series for Mechanical Engineering-ME

At Engineers Institute of India, we take pride in presenting a cutting-edge GATE Online Test Series meticulously crafted to elevate your preparation and propel you towards success. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our test series, ensuring that you are well-prepared to face the challenges of the GATE examination in Mechanical Engineering-ME.

Mock Test Sample Paper

The GATE Online Test Series is fit-to-syllabus & as per pattern for rigorous practice.

Test Structure:

  1. Questions are divided into General Aptitude and Technical Subjects sections with the same marking structure.

Question Composition:

  1. Questions are newly composed to match the latest exam pattern and ensure real examination experience.

Descriptive Solutions:

  1. Detailed solutions & answer keys provided for correct solving approach and shortcuts solving are added.

Question Formats:

  1. Includes MCQs, MSQs and NATs with Mark for review & Virtual keyboard to replica the actual GATE format.

Simulated Exam Environment:

  1. Replica of real GATE exam’s User-Interface and detailed progress analysis reports, expected Rank.

Sample questions provided here are for preview purposes only. Take a demo test to experience the difference in quality.

A demo test is assigned to all users, showcasing the quality and trust of our test series. This feature allows you to experience the excellence embedded in our tests and underscores our commitment to providing a top-tier GATE preparation platform.

Test Package-1 : All India Mock Test
GATE-2025 Mechanical Engineering 25-Subjective Test + 50 Full Length Test Fee : Rs.2000 Access from anywhere 24*7

Test papers structured into two Basics and Advanced level.

Basics Level: Focuses on basics fundamental concepts.

Advanced Level: Includes conceptual and tricky questions.

Papers designed to maintain balance within given time limits.

System automatically submits papers if time limit exceeded.

Immediate generation of results after submission of test.

Results include Rank, Marks, Solutions and analysis info.

Tests accessible anytime from Laptop, or Mobile devices.

PC/Laptop usage recommended for better UI experience.

Test Package-2 : Centre Based Test (Delhi)
GATE-2025 Mechanical Engineering 15-Subject-wise test Fee : Rs.1000 Scheduled Test at our CBT centre

GATE-Centre Based Test is scheduled on 22-Dec-24 & 5-Jan-25 at New Delhi.

Provides students with a real exam atmosphere for optimal preparation.

Conducted as a replica of the GATE full-length Test with similar exam interface.

Registration open till 20-Dec-24 to appear into our Pre-GATE Centre Based Test.

Use same virtual keyboard & scientific calculator.

Test Package-3 : Pre-GATE
GATE-2025 Mechanical Engineering 25-Full length test Fee : Rs.1000 Scheduled Test, Online-Access

Pre GATE is an all India Online Mock Test with fixed schedules.

The first test is on December 22, 2024, and the second test on January 5, 2025, both at 10 am.

Tests are three hours long, covering the full length of the exam.

Students can participate from anywhere via our Test portal.

Username and password must be created 15 days in advance to access the tests.

A free Pre-GATE Mock is available on January 12, 2025, at 10 am.

Anyone can take this test to experience the real exam difficulty and atmosphere.

Any Queries call us at +91-9990357855

Test Reports & Analysis:

Receive detailed reports for every test taken in the GATE Online Test Series.

Access your performance, highlighting strengths and areas that need improvement.

Instantly access the correct answers for each question after completing a test.

Compare your responses, identify errors, and understand the rationale behind the correct solutions.

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FAQ - Related to Mechanical Engineering-ME

Engineers Institute of India offers the most reliable test series for Mechanical GATE, providing replica papers tailored to recent GATE patterns, ensuring comprehensive practice with GATE-like questions and features.

Candidates can attempt the GATE mechanical exam a maximum of two times, allowing them the opportunity to improve their scores.

While challenging, the GATE exam for Mechanical engineering can be conquered with diligent preparation and practice using quality study materials and mock tests.

Engineers Institute of India's test series stands out as the premier choice for Mechanical GATE, offering practice papers meticulously crafted to emulate recent GATE patterns and features.

The GATE Mechanical ME exam poses challenges, but with thorough preparation and effective practice using reliable test series like those provided by Engineers Institute of India, success is attainable.

Engineers Institute of India is renowned for its top-notch Mechanical mock test series, providing GATE-level questions and features, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the exam.

All subjects are crucial for GATE Mechanical, but focusing on core topics like Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Strength of Materials is essential for success.

Subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics typically carry more weightage in GATE Mechanical, requiring thorough preparation and practice.

A good score in GATE Mechanical is typically considered to be 72+ out of 100, especially with the increasing trend of numerical and NAT type questions. Analyzing test reports and performance charts provided post-test is crucial for improvement.

Engineers Institute of India's test series stands out as the top choice for Mechanical GATE, providing replica papers and comprehensive practice with GATE-like questions and features.

Engineers Institute of India offers the best publication materials for GATE Mechanical, ensuring comprehensive coverage of topics and alignment with the latest exam patterns.

Engineers Institute of India's test series remains the best choice for GATE 2025 Mechanical, providing updated mock tests designed to match the latest GATE patterns and trends.

The GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper for 2024 comprised a total of 65 questions, with a maximum score of 100 marks. To provide candidates with insight into their performance, a detailed analysis of the GATE ME Exam 2024 has been compiled based on direct interactions with exam-takers. Here's a breakdown of the subject-wise weightage for GATE ME Exam 2024:

  1. • General Aptitude: 15 questions
  2. • Engineering Mathematics: 12-13 questions
  3. • Engineering Mechanics: 2-3 questions
  4. • Strength of Materials: 5-6 questions
  5. • Heat Transfer: 5-6 questions
  6. • Machine Design: 2-3 questions
  7. • Fluid Mechanics: 6-7 questions
  8. • Theory of Mechanics: 8-9 questions
  9. • Thermodynamics: 10-12 questions
  10. • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: 2-3 questions
  11. • Industrial Engineering: 5-6 questions
  12. • Manufacturing Engineering: 12-14 questions

This analysis provides candidates with valuable insights into the distribution of questions across various subjects, aiding them in evaluating their performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Important Topics to Prepare for GATE 2025 Mechanical Engineering:

  1. 1. Machine Design:
    1. • Joints
    2. • Design of Gears and Bearings
  2. 2. Strength of Materials:
    1. • Friction
    2. • SF & BM (Shear Force and Bending Moment)
    3. • Deflections
    4. • Bending Stress
    5. • Stress and Strain
  3. 3. Engineering Mechanics:
    1. • Work and Energy
    2. • Law of Restitution
    3. • Structural Analysis
  4. 4. Industrial Engineering:
    1. • EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) Problems
    2. • Queuing Theory
    3. • Inventory Control
    4. • Linear Programming Problem
  5. 5. Theory of Machines & Vibration:
    1. • Linkages
    2. • Shafts Problems
    3. • Governors and Flywheel
    4. • Free Damped Vibrations
    5. • Pairs and Its Applications
    6. • Inversions of Single and Double Slider Crank
  6. 6. Fluid Machinery:
    1. • Capillary
    2. • Buoyancy
    3. • Surface Tension
    4. • Velocity Potential
    5. • Flow Through Pipes
    6. • Boundary Layer Theory
    7. • Applications of Bernoulli Equation
  7. 7. Thermodynamics:
    1. • Steam Turbines
    2. • Laws of Thermodynamics
    3. • Second Law and First Law Problems
    4. • Problems on Diesel, Otto, Dual Cycle
  8. 8. Engineering Materials:
    1. • Heat Treatment
    2. • Defects in Crystal Structure
    3. • Effect of Alloying Elements
  9. 9. Heat Transfer:
    1. • Critical Thickness
    2. • Numbers in Convection
    3. • Problems on Conduction
    4. • Shape Factor in Radiation
    5. • Problem in Heat Exchangers
  10. 10. Manufacturing:
    1. • CNC Programming
    2. • Orthogonal Cutting
    3. • Resistance Welding
    4. • Problems on Welding
    5. • Tool Life Equation Problems
    6. • Riser and Gate Design of Casting
    7. • Casting Types and Design of Castings
  11. 11. Engineering Mathematics:
    1. • Matrices
    2. • Probability
    3. • Differential Equations