How do I start preparing for GATE?

Starting your preparation for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) requires a systematic approach and a focus on understanding the basics and concepts. Here's a step-by-step guide to kickstart your GATE preparation:

Understand the GATE Syllabus: Obtain the GATE syllabus for your relevant engineering discipline. This will help you understand the topics and subjects you need to cover.

Engineering Mathematics: Start with Engineering Mathematics as it forms the foundation for many technical subjects. Use standard textbooks like B.S. Grewal, H.K Dass, or H.S. Gangwar for thorough preparation.

Basics of Engineering Subjects: Begin with the basics of your engineering discipline. For example, for Chemical Engineering, start with subjects like Thermodynamics, Process Calculations, Energy & Mass Balance, etc. For other disciplines, refer to the specific subjects mentioned.

Build Conceptual Understanding: Focus on building a strong conceptual understanding of each topic. Practice solving numerical and theoretical questions to reinforce your understanding.

Make Handwritten Notes: Create your own handwritten notes while studying. These notes will be helpful for quick revision before the exam.

Consult Multiple Resources: Some topics may not be clearly explained in a single textbook. Consult multiple resources to gain a better understanding of difficult topics.

Join a Coaching Institute: Consider joining a reputable coaching institute like Engineers Institute of India (Eii) for systematic and scheduled preparation. Coaching institutes provide expert guidance, study materials, and regular mock tests to help you prepare effectively.

Regular Practice and Revision: Regular practice is key to success in GATE. Solve previous year's question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

Stay Focused and Motivated: GATE preparation requires dedication and perseverance. Stay focused on your goal and stay motivated throughout your preparation journey.

Enroll for GATE Online Mock Tests: Engineers Institute of India (Eii) offers GATE Online Mock Tests that simulate the actual exam environment. Enroll in these tests to assess your preparation and improve your performance.

For Chemical Engineering these subjects are very basics:

  1. 1. Thermodynamics Classical and Solution Part
  2. 2. Process Calculations
  3. 3. Energy & Mass Balance
  4. 4. Fluid mechanics & dynamics
  5. 5. Mechanical operations
  6. 6. Heat Transfer
  7. 7. Mass Transfer
  8. 8. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  9. 9. Process Dynamic & control
  10. 10. Plant Design Economics
  11. 11. Chemical Technology

For Civil Engineering these subjects are very basics:

  1. 1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. 2. Strength of Materials
  3. 3. TOS-Structural Engineering.
  4. 4. Geotechnical Engineering.
  5. 5. Water Resources Engineering.
  6. 6. Environmental Engineering.
  7. 7. Transportation Engineering.
  8. 8. Geomatics Engineering.

For Computer Science & IT these subjects are very basics:

  1. 1. Digital Logic and Design
  2. 2. Programming and Data Structures
  3. 3. Theory of Computation
  4. 4. Compiler Design
  5. 5. Operating System
  6. 6. Computer Organization and Architecture
  7. 7. DBMS-Databases
  8. 8. Computer Networks
  9. 9. Algorithms

For Mechanical Engineering these subjects are very basics:

  1. 1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. 2. Strength of Materials
  3. 3. TOM-Theory of Machines
  4. 4. MD-Machine Design
  5. 5. Heat & Mass Transfer
  6. 6. Fluid Mechanics
  7. 7. Thermodynamics
  8. 8. Materials, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
  9. 9. Operations Research

By following these steps and maintaining a consistent study schedule, you can prepare effectively for the GATE exam and aim for a top rank.

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